Le Pliage Original

Taking inspiration from origami, Longchamp created LE PLIAGE, a lightweight foldable bag that has achieved cult status across the world. Simple, elegant and ultra strong, it embodies the cornerstones of Longchamp: optimism, energy and durability. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, make it your everyday companion.

Le Pliage Green

In 2021, Longchamp launched the Le Pliage Green, an eco-friendly version of Le Pliage Original.

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Le Pliage Original embodies Longchamp’s values of optimism, energy and open-mindedness.

My Pliage Signature

Unique to Longchamp, this innovation masterfully combines creativity, technological innovation and recycled material. Customise it to your taste!

French spirit

Le Pliage Original is supple and light as a feather. Fold four times, as if making croissants, then slip it into your case!