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My order is a gift - can I get it gift wrapped and a card?

On the product page you have the option of selecting gift wrapping and/or entering a personal message to be printed on a card.

What does Longchamp gift wrapping look like?

Our gift wrapping brings together LONGCHAMP's traditional Heritage Green with Light Green, which embodies the brand's energy and creativity. Our gift wrapping qualifies for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ecolabel.

This guarantees the sustainable management of forests, the well-being of forestry workers, the conservation of biodiversity and the preservation of the rights of indigenous people.

How much does gift wrapping and a gift card cost?

Gift wrapping celebrates the art of gift giving, so we're happy to add it to your order free of charge.

How is my order packaged if I don't choose gift wrapping?

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, LONGCHAMP uses standard packaging when dispatching orders. From the manufacturing stages, Longchamp favors packaging with low environmental impact and minimal packaging waste. The standard packaging ensures the quality of the item it is protecting, while also being part of an eco-friendly initiative. Our delivery packaging is made from recycled paper or cardboard.

Can I add gift wrapping after my order has already been confirmed?

Our Distribution Centers do everything they can to prepare and dispatch your order as quickly as possible. We, therefore, ask that you please contact Customer Service as soon as possible at WA 0859 4769 9000, in order to ensure we can update your changes before your order is processed.