Hear, observe, listen, picture, convey. Tiffany Bouelle is an artist like no other. A bold visionary, she offers a unique perspective through her creations, bringing a breath of fresh air and elegant sophistication to the art world. For Longchamp Family, Sophie Delafontaine and Peggy Frey visited her workshop in Paris.

Tiffany Bouelle welcomes us to her workshop, tucked away beneath the rooftops of Paris. Her warm welcome is fully in keeping with the haven of comfort that is her studio, where brushes, canvases and dried flowers adorn the walls to enchanting effect. Tiffany Bouelle is a multidisciplinary artist in painting, drawing, calligraphy and performance art. Whether it's a canvas, piece of clothing or table art, any medium is game for the colourful spirit of this artist in search of meaning. 

"From an artistic point of view, I'm very free and I go where things take me. " 

When time is on her side, beautiful, fleeting strokes abound in her creations, reflecting the heartfelt emotions of an artist who makes her brush travel like a bird in flight. Tiffany Bouelle draws on her history, feminine sensibilities and the encounters and travels throughout her life to form new sources of inspiration. The result is clear to see: each of the French-Japanese artist's works is alluringly pure. 


Tiffany Bouelle studied at the École supĂ©rieure des arts appliquĂ©s DuperrĂ© in Paris. It was within her closest circle—her family—that the artist gradually forged the talent she had acquired and worked on from an early age. Her grandfather—a master calligrapher—passed on to her a passion for art. Her father was a visual artist, while her mother was a fashion designer. Creation and travel were passed on to her by her family. Born in Paris, Tiffany Bouelle grew up in the capital and spent her summers in the Land of the Rising Sun. The two cultures fed her dynamic, broad-minded personality. As a young mother, she loved being at her grandfather's side and often visited his workshop with her child. He's already an admirer of his mother's talent, no doubt? Passing on know-how and craft is an art honed from generation to generation.


Tiffany Bouelle's talent is captivating. Her imagination is both collective and individual. Her creations meld movement, graphism, femininity and softness, while the colours used are inspired by nature. Each canvas tells its own story.

Since April, Tiffany Bouelle's creations have taken pride of place in a number of Longchamp boutiques. Inviting onlookers to explore new artistic horizons, her work is a feast for the eyes; by showcasing the artist's pieces, the Maison further stimulates the senses of the visitors in its stores. Art and craftsmanship have always played a key role for the Parisian brand, which likes to see universality through beauty. 

"Some of the Tiffany Bouelle paintings we have on display capture the world of plants that I love so much and that inspires me so deeply. And others evoke movement and travel; symbolic values that are part of Longchamp's DNA". Sophie Delafontaine

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